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Influencer Welcome Kit

This product is SOLD OUT.
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A week after your order arrives, we will email you about your upcoming refill shipment. By default, it will be another eight bar mixed pack delivered to you with free shipping, but you can adjust or cancel at anytime.

How It

  • Bars are made to order and shipped in ice-cold sustainable packaging.

  • Default delivery cadence is every two weeks. You can modify, pause, or cancel anytime.

Everyone. Loves. The bars.

Jess S. It tastes like real food. It IS real food. Being able to see all the ingredients = 💯
George F. Protip: Pick the Poblano one. It's sooo good. I'm addicted.
Monia M. Umm why hasn't anyone come up with this sooner? Best. Bar. Ever.
Rachel H. I know what I'm eating for Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Lunch #2. Thanks, Slow Up!
Grace M. Wow! This is a damn good bar. I'm going to eat one every day this week.
Nathan C. This is the most delicious bar that's ever existed. Prove me wrong.
Carolyn G. IDK what I did before this. Did I even eat lunch? I'm so glad I can just grab a Slow Up bar now.
Alyse R. One bar = I'm full all afternoon. SAVED ME with my crazy WFH schedule.

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