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Our Story

Slow Up was founded on two friends’ shared interest in changing the way we eat. This shared interest is the result of two different paths: Jeremiah, a former professional athlete and lifelong vegetarian, was always looking for ways to get healthy, satisfying food. Leland’s motivation stems from his work in sustainable farming, investigating where we get our food and how it gets to us.

Our experience taught both of us how focused the industrial food system is on creating low cost products with long shelf lives, using cheap ingredients and preservation methods like acidification or chemical stabilization. We set out to create the kind of food we both wanted to eat: food that tastes and makes you feel good! Food that isn’t centered around maximizing shelf life, but instead prioritizes freshness and taste.

Our first product is a fresh (perishable) snack bar unlike anything else on the market. Because we believe that good food goes bad, and that convenience shouldn’t be at odds with eating fresh.

We hope you can take a moment to Slow Up and enjoy.

—Jeremiah and Leland