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Slow Up is changing the way we eat.

We’re developing products unlike anything else on the market—like our first product, a fresh (perishable) snack bar. Why? Because Slow Up is the work of three friends with very different backgrounds, but a shared goal to make food good. Our backgrounds inform everything about Slow Up’s approach to food—where it comes from, how it gets to us, and (most importantly!) how it tastes and makes you feel.


A lifelong vegetarian, athlete, and environmentalist, on the forever hunt to eat both well and sustainably. He spends his days obsessing over how Slow Up can be environmentally friendly from farm to doorstep and continually raises the bar on how we can lower our carbon footprint.


Leland’s time across the food system—working in grocery stores, on ranches and fishing boats, and in restaurant kitchens—means he’s truly seen it all, and is committed to doing it all better at Slow Up. He knows every chickpea and grain of quinoa (and their farmer) in the tri-state area by name.


You might know her from slinging pastries at Gage & Tollner, bagels at Edith’s, or cookies at Fort Defiance, but Caroline is also the mastermind behind Slow Up’s bold, flavorful recipes. She makes magic with turmeric, reimagines the humble black bean, and knows the exact heft and weight of every bar that leaves her kitchen.

Together, we’re creating food that isn’t centered around maximizing shelf life, but instead prioritizes freshness and taste. Because we believe that good food goes bad, and that convenience shouldn’t be at odds with eating fresh.

We hope you can take a moment to Slow Up and enjoy.