How can I order Slow Up bars to my office?

Shoot our founder Jeremiah a note at

What does a Slow Up bar taste like?

Good food! Some say our bars are like a grain bowl, in packaged form. They’re savory, soft, and fresh.

Are these bars supposed to replace meals?

Slow Up bars are delicious, satisfying, and healthy. They can be eaten as a light meal or a filling snack. Whatever you prefer.

How long will these bars keep in a fridge?

Slow Up bars last for 10 days after they are produced. We find they are usually eaten by then, but you can always check by looking at the best by date on the back of each package.

How long do they last out of the fridge?

You can take it with you for up to twelve hours.

Is this organic?

We are small company that cares a lot about our ingredient quality. We have yet to certify our product organic but source 90% organic ingredients. Our label specifies which ingredients are.